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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did I mention we are going camping this weekend?

No, I didn't think so... That's because I didn't really think we were going camping until yesterday. The BSU had invited the oldest boy and his girlfriend to go camping this weekend, weeks ago, though it would require them both to arrange their work schedules. I figured it was a less than zero chance of that happening.

But they did arrange their schedules and we found out about it yesterday. Today I had to arrange a day's leave for tomorrow and find a campground, preferably one with a lake with fish in it. We are going to Anderson Cove Campground just on the other end of Ogden Canyon. It's close and convenient, has flush toilets and showers.

And a boat launch ramp. So I'm dragging the camper out first and once I have it put up I'm going to return back home- I said it was close, and get Fish Slayer and go back to the campground. I should get a good chance to check out my new trolling motor searching the shallows for smallmouth bass. And I think I have the spousal unit talked into going for a boat ride sometime during the weekend!

I wonder if they have a wi-fi connection...

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